These amazing clients were yearning for warmth, personality and purpose. We worked together on an updated, rich color scheme and the result was something truly unique and beautiful. Their home now radiates with relaxing hues and captivating textures. The space in now an extension of themselves and the ones they love.

Don’t just fill your space, FEEL your space!!!

Colorless formal dining room transformed into an exhilarating game room!

Once “catch-all” front room transformed into a formal sitting room perfect for conversation and connection!

Basic tv watching room transformed into a mountain view, reading and entertaining room!

New Vibe Wanted

This Erie family wanted an updated look and feel to their family room. We removed the built-in entertainment wall and replaced it with a beautiful collage of family photos taken by the client herself, changed the layout, updated window treatments to dual shades, purchased new carpet, new furniture and a few new accessories!



We are Farmer’s…

All finished! Replaced all furniture and came up with a cost-effective way to hide the post in the room! Now this amazing team has a vibrant and updated space to work harder and smarter for their customers!

This office is getting an updated look! We’re purchasing all new furniture and we’re going help that permanent pole serve a higher purpose! Below are before pics and 3D renderings of what soon will be! Stay tuned!

Teen spirit…

Below is a mood board for a special teen located in Erie, Colorado. His parents have decided it’s time to provide him a bedroom that defines him!! Stay tuned for after pics!!


As changes continue outside the home, TL DESIGNS continues to change things inside. 😉 Below are a few spaces I’ve had the honor to transform over the past few months. Whether your conscious of it or not, your environment has an effect you emotionally, spiritually and physically. My advice to you? Don’t just fill your space, FEEL your space.

Behold! The power of paint, proper layout and fabulous furniture & accessories …

These clients surprised their teen daughter for her birthday with a whole new bedroom! We took a few notes together about what she liked and she had mentioned that she desired lavender, glam and loved golden retrievers. Other than the dimensions I gathered during winter, I resourced everything for this space online. I had never done this before so it was a little challenging, but it turned out beautifully!!

These clients desired an updated look for their most used room in the home. A few existing accessories made the cut but we upgraded the sectional, purchased minimal furniture and fresh new accessories and…


I am quite busy currently but are taking on new clients whom are ready to start projects in late spring/early summer. Reach out sooner than later if you’d like to get on my calendar!

Below are just a few of my pending projects!


LIVING SPACE – Before photo and 3D rendering of new space to come!

NEW HOME, NEW EVERYTHING! Space planning and 3D rendering. We are selecting new paint colors, window treatments, wall treatments (reclaimed wood), furniture & accessories!

BIGGER, BRIGHTER & BETTER! These clients purchased a bigger and brighter home in Erie. Together, we purchased all new furniture & accessories throughout the home! We hired a local craftsmen to build a custom entertainment center and added new and sophisticated window treatments by Alta.

BE OUR GUEST! Refreshed and upgraded a guest room!

COLOR PLEASE! For this client, we are working together to create a beautiful new colorful home! We are using a few existing pieces and everything else will be new – including the paint! Stay tuned!!! Below are Before photos & 3D Renderings!



AFTER!!!!! Scroll down for Before photos!

3D Rendering
2D Rendering

KITCHEN & FLOORING REMODEL | Erie, CO….stay tuned!!!


Kids’ bedrooms!

Soccer themed – Before & After!

Pigtails to Pineapples! – Before & After!


Complete remodel…new flooring, paint and furniture throughout.


This client came to me asking for a designer office space that would welcome his clients.

We painted throughout, purchased all new furniture & accessories and added a statement wall that will leave a lasting impression. This has been one of my favorite projects!

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